Yvel Celestin


Yvel Celestin, Director of the board is Social Activist, humanitarian and Filmmaker. Born in Arcahaie, Haiti and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey.  Yvel is the youngest of eight children.  He is a husband and a father.  Joined Haiti Solidarity of the Northeast in 2010 and has actively been working to push the Coady Haiti Movement, a movement adopted to help less-fortunate people better their lives.  In addition, Yvel also serves as Board Advisor of Haitians Unified for Development and Education; he serves on the Board of Dr. Lena Edwards Academic Charter School and Social programs Coordinator at St. Patrick’s and Assumption All Saints. Yvel is also Coordinator and Co-Founder of Mobile Mission 4 Haiti.

In 2011, Yvel won the “Award of Excellence” in Filmmaking and Screenwriting for the film “Obsessed Tenant” at The Canadian International Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada.  He completed his first documentary film “Bon Batay” (The Good Fight), which features three great leaders in Haiti whom are actively working to change lives and the image of their communities through diverse programs.  

Yvel believes that all peoples of the world should have the opportunity of education, adequate healthcare and basic living needs.  

HSNNE remain committed on informing others and ourselves about Haiti and its rich culture.  We are also dedicate ourselves on publicizing accurate information about Haiti.  Through our Coady Haiti Movement, HSNNE since 2012 has engaged in financial and foster self-sufficiency projects in various parts of Haiti. In the same form of solidarity, HSNNE has and will continue to join forces and/or support other organizations that support the struggle of our Haitian brothers and sisters in Haiti and abroad.

Through respectful, non-violent dialogues and togetherness, Haiti will prosper…