Coady Haiti Movement

The man who has ceased to learn ought not to be allowed to wander
around loose in these dangerous days

Moses Coady

The “Coady Haiti Movement” was established as a program of the Haiti Solidarity Network of the North East (HSNNE) in 2012. HSNNE’s vision is that the people of Haiti will want to implement, own and control this movement, thereby designing their own destiny.  For this destiny to be a reality there must be a personal connection. We recognize that there are obstacles and problems in life and our society.  But the first step in making change and seeing progress is that we as a people must recognize the power we possess within each in every one of us. We must unleash it so that our full potential can be achieved. We are excited to see a new Haiti through this movement.

The “Coady Haiti movement” intends to address problems and obstacles through a multi-prong approach which includes identifying and training leaders, helping them to understand the world around them- economically, socially and politically. We must emphasize the important role of formal and informal education.  Education is a major tool and from that comes great power, affecting change in people’s lives. The objective of the “Coady Haiti movement” is to bring hope back to the people in Haiti. For this to happen Haitians must realize the following:


The movement will allow us to educate ourselves (young and adult, people in city and those in the country side, Men and women)


We must organize ourselves to take our destiny in our own hands


We must mobilize ourselves around issues that us the people are facing like (the Cholera, the cost of living, trust, and the depletion of our environment.)


We, with more organizers on the ground, must grow a movement that will touch every corner of the country (Haiti)


By a constant process of identifying and training leaders, create a social and economic movement that brings hope to the individual in wherever that person may be in the country.

The role of HSNNE is to support the people of Haiti and provide training and financial support to those communities that are committed and engaged in the “Coady Haiti Movement”.

Today the “Coady Haiti Movement” is implemented in five locations in Haiti: Caracol, and Valliere in the North East near Fort-Liberty; Gros-Morne near Gonaives in the Artibonite; Pignon in the central Plateau, and Jacmel in the South East. Next on our agenda is to renew our connection with Borgne in the North, Arcahaie in the West coast of the island and Les Cayes in the South.

10 new organizers/animators were recently trained in the movement and have hit the ground spreading the message of Coady and its mantra, “Masters of your own Destiny”.  These 10 organizers are being overseeing by Mr. Alex Jeannis of Jacmel (Southeast), Haiti. As coordinator, Mr. Jeannis conducts monthly meeting and trainings with leaders, of these five places.   We are grateful for the tremendous work that Mr. Jeannis is doing in establishing relationships within these different communities. As part of his tasks, Alex assesses and proposes monthly recommendations to HSNNE. With the goal of expanding the movement Nationally, we will solidify the “Coady Haiti Movement” concept with future organizers just as we have done with our current members, animators and coordinator. In the near future, we will be looking into adding a new coordinator position where one will oversee animators from the Artibonite to the large North and a second coordinator to manage the West, South and the Southeast of the island.

We are hoping that you will take the journey with us!